Tracking and Sensing for Conscious Development

How Tracking and Sensing can foster Conscious Development

Native people all around the world has used nature as a classroom for thousands of generations. Everything leave a track, therefore, tracking has always been the ultimate training for learning to observe, to see, to listen. Tracking can be a useful metaphor and method and training for Conscious Development and processes like the Theory-U. For example, sensing and suspending is a core competences far the tracker as well as redirection, to “turning the attention toward the source rather than the object”. A tracker must develop a questioning awareness, following mystery after mystery until all secrets are revealed. The mind must be trained to penetrate the obvious and reach deep into the intricate levels of awareness.

Sensing – to cultivate the perception 

In Sensing there is an attempt to cultivate intuition as much as thinking, sensation and feeling. In this method, careful attention is paid to the phenomenon being studied through process of active looking, thats involves without attempting to reduce experience to quantities or explanations. Sensing involves the ”redeployment of attention into sense perception and away from the verbal-intellectual mind”. We call it Presencing.

In this way of seeing, one makes an effort to notice the specific details of the things all there particularities as they appear to the senses.

If this works as it should, one can experience the suspension of ones preconceived notions and habitual responses about the thing being perceived. That its exact sensorial qualities enliven and deepen perception – to coin itself into thought, and to induce itself in the thinking mind idea. One has the intuitive perception of the thing as a presence within oneself, and not as an object outside  one´s own being. This sense of deep relatedness to the object transforms consciousness into a means for holistic perception through witch we are able to apprehend the intrinsic qualities of things.

Sensing is a non-informational perception, a subtle mode of perception thats brings a sense of wholeness, whilst informational perception, although coarser, gives access to the quantitative dimensions of reality that makes measurement possible.

Final stage: ”being one with” in which we have the state ”intuitive precognition” in which we commune with the wholeness of he phenomena, realising that each worldly thing is a manifestation of a single immanent loving creative energy.

Explore the possibilities that Tracking and Sensing can give you as a tool for your organization and how tracking can match and foster real Presence.

Sensing the life force and tracking its roots

Sensing the life force and tracking its roots

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