Our vision and purpose
Our vision
is a long-term sustainable world where development emerge through a dynamic balance between human beings, society and nature.
Our purpose is to assist individuals, leaders and organisations to reach success through transformative learning at the same time integrating sustainability in every aspect.
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Our pedagogical idea
We support a continuous and transformative learning by offering methods, tools and guidance. The dynamic between reflection and dialog is vital for us and reconnet to inner nature, outer nature and true nature.

Reflection – to stop for a moment, individually or in a group, to be able to deepen the understanding of previous experiences at the same time as each individual and group comes in contact with it´s higher potential, through the inner compass.
Dialog – the art of holding a conversation and thinking together to facilitate for the organization to reach it´s vision and goals, at the same time as being a co-creator of a desirable and sustainable future.

We are inspired of nature´s processes of continues development and renewal and use nature as a teacher and classroom for faster and deeper learning, when appropriate. Our programs are based on more than 20 years of experience and research primarily from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Society for Organizational Learning.

Who we are and what we do
Naturakademin Learning Lab has guided management teams in the creation of more efficient and sustainable decision making processes, to recognize and seize opportunities and reach actionable conclusions more rapidly, since 1990.

The modern world is a complex system of natures processes, human ambition and socio-cultural evolution, where adaptation and learning is the key for survival, both for species in nature, (of which the human is one) as well as for organizations and their management teams.

Naturakademin Learning Lab combines and employs a unique set of methodologies: modern management theory, systems thinking grounded in ecological principles, as well as organizational learning and understanding of the human self. The firms experience brings together a diverse network of practitioners who have jointly contributed to Naturakademin Learning Lab’s working method for assisting management teams.

Naturakademin Learning Lab has worked closely on sustainability issues with The Natural Step (www.naturalstep.org) In the mid-nineties, and brought the theories and methods of the Society of Organizational Learning to Sweden (www.solonline.org) focusing on the aspirations of individuals in corporate systems and their organizations ability to generate learning for sustainable development.

Together with, and inspired by, professor Oren Lyons and John P. Milton, Naturakademin Learning Lab has explored methods of management training for corporate leaders that resulted in the Sustainable Leadership concept based on Wisdom, Leadership and Dialogue (WiLD). Take a look at the Learning Tools.

Naturakademin has since 2006 been associated with Tällberg Foundation (www.tallbergfoundation.org) generating a wide range of perspectives and in-depth experiences to explore the unpredictable future together.

Our main areas of focus is

  • Strategic dialog for board of directors and management groups
  • Mobilization – how to move from words to action, facilitating for each and everyone in a organization to be part of the process
  • Reflection and Dialog
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