”Göran Gennvi guides management teams in the creation of more efficient decision making processes – to recognize and seize upon challenges and thus reach actionable conclusions more rapidly. Gennvi combines and employs a unique set of methodologies: modern management theory, systems thinking grounded in ecological principles, as well as organizational learning and understanding of the human self. Gennvi´s experience brings together a diverse network of practitioners who have jointly contributed to Naturakademin´s working method for assisting management teams. In the late eighties, Gennvi worked as executive strategic consultant with leading Swedish firms. In the mid-nineties, Gennvi brought the theories and methods of the Society of Organizational Learning to Sweden, focusing on the aspirations of individuals in corporate systems and their organizations ability to generate learning for sustainable development”.

”The modern world is a complex system of natural processes, human ambition and socio-cultural evolution, where adaptation and learning as a balanced dynamic is the key for survival, both for species in nature, (of which the human is one) as well as for organizations and their management teams. Generating a wide range of perspectives and in-depth experiences to explore the unpredictable future together is the trademark of Göran”.