The Quest
Transformation starts with our inner selves, and this Quest provides a setting for you to establish a deeper inner connection. By helping to remove the noise of everyday life you will enable yourself to connect to what is emerging in your life and get in touch with your deeper purpose and source. We invite you to immerse yourself and listen inwards. To de-mask and join a safe space away from societal expectations. You will gain a re-calibrated inner compass that allows you to summon balance and focus in the places where decisions are made. In genuine participation with Nature by sensory and direct experience, we reach a place of deep knowledge and our inner wisdom.

For whom
If you are wrestling with a big, burning question or decision, or a sense you’re being called to something greater in life, the Quest will take you away from your everyday pressures and responsibilities. It will give you a chance to get quiet, dig deep and connect with your source and what’s most important in your life.

What you get
Gain fresh perspectives on challenging issues and important decisions. Learn to access practical nature-based wisdom using a system that will:
– reconnect you with your deeper source and inner purpose,
– strengthen your relationships to the natural world by increasing your perception and fine tuning the senses,
– challenge you to confront the contradictions in your life,
- fuel your initiatives by map out a clear vision and what inspires you in compassion with the whole of life.
– guide you toward making better, more conscious decisions.

12-20 August 2017
Ottfjället Vålådalen
Private      5000 SEK
Self-employed   5000 SEK + VAT
Organization’s     7500 SEK + VAT

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Nature as the classroom and the teacher
The beautiful Ottfjället mountains are not only an adventure or an inspiring background but a catalyst which boosts insights that become deeper and more long lasting. Nature has all the time in the world. When you are out there, you automatically relax in to the present moment. Weather and wind, light and darkness, hunger and thirst are factors that divide our time organically in total accord with nature. Our place is carefully chosen in the forests and the mountains of  Vålådalens Nature reserve.

The Process
The GetWild process works with individuals or groups – a maximum of fifteen. The group size allows each person ample opportunity to receive focused attention and personal coaching, as well as benefit from the wisdom and experience of other members of the group. Day 1 – 2 plus re-entry days are held on the basecamp grounds. Day 2-6 will be at a remote, beautiful, natural location above timberline or by a lakeside in the forest.

Day 1 – 2
Wisdom & Intention – Assess where you are right now and identify the areas in your work and personal life that need attention. Clarify what area(s) you want to explore during your solo time on Day 2-6. Learn  to utilize the WiLD process for calibrate the inner compass.
Night 2 – 5
Solo & Insight – Spending your days & nights solo outdoors on the mountains, in the forest or by the lake. Described as a profound ”presencing” experience. This is a unique opportunity to be alone to fully experience and re-connect with nature and get WiLD.
Day 6 – 8
Re-entry and integration
– Tell the story of your solo experience and expand your understanding of its message and meaning. Weave your insights from the days into a compelling vision that will inspire you to practical action. Clarify and commit to what it will take to bring your new vision into reality.

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